Black, White, and Blue

You know, it takes a brave person to go against the grain, something I’ve witnessed first-hand since I began writing for publication. The pressure to conform is even greater if you’re a black person who believes white racism is the least of America’s concerns and certainly plays no significant role in the lives of blacks. Fatherlessness and illegitimacy do play significant roles, however. These conditions cause more harm in the so-called black community than racism ever has or ever will.

It isn’t simply a matter of holding views that diverge from the group’s; it’s expressing those views publicly that make people angry enough to send hate-mail and call you names like self-hater. “Racist” whites may use your views to bolster their own opinions, they say. In other words, stick to the script and don’t attempt to ad-lib. Words and ideas are dangerous, so pipe down and keep your opinions inside your head.

Black police officers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who support Sgt. Crowley (arrested Henry Louis Gates) and the Cambridge police force are probably catching it right now. Then again, maybe not. Perhaps people have evolved beyond castigating those who refuse to march in lockstep, regardless of skin color.

(Of course they haven’t, but I wanted to do what Jesse said and keep hope alive!)