Kitty Killing and Baby Murdering

murder by probeObservation…

You can ask a “doctor” to suck your unborn baby down a sink or to stick a probe in his brain and crush his skull. But woe to the one who kills an animal.

What a world. If you want to get on leftist hit lists, torture an animal. Wanna be a hero? Kill your baby.

It should go without saying that I don’t condone the torture of animals. Burning a kitten in an oven for kicks? It’s bad. Gross. Totally. But where’s the outrage for unborn children, tortured in the womb in the name of convenience? A little perspective goes a long way.

If you believe women have a right to slaughter the unborn, your venom toward people like Michael Vick looks hypocritically absurd in comparison. And PETA folks criticizing Obama for swatting a fly? Even if it’s tongue-in-cheek, it’s sickeningly incongruous.

Update: A reader comments: “17 year old Cherry [kitty killer] would be hailed a hero if she killed her unborn baby.”