Jonah and the Child Killers

JonahWhen I read stuff like this, doing something to generate endorphins helps control the blood-boiling anger. Praying helps, too. I find the story of Jonah most helpful. Are you familiar with him?

God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and warn the people of his judgment if they didn’t repent, but Jonah didn’t want the Ninevites to receive God’s wonderful redemption. Did he hate them that much? Had to.

I feel pretty much the same way about people who hurt and kill children and babies, including the unborn. I want the perpetrators, who know very well what they’re doing, to feel just a fraction of what God has in store for them or even to feel the pain an unborn child has to feel when he’s torn apart in the womb.

But if they repent and accept, they’d avoid the wrath. And there’s the rub.

FYI…I am a sinner. Surprise! And I will be a sinner as long as I’m living in this fallen world in this fallen body. The difference between Christians and non-Christians is that Christians are forgiven sinners. We believe Christ sacrificed himself to save us. He paid for our sins with his own blood. Sinless, he took on my sins so I wouldn’t face the terrible and righteous wrath of a God whose laws I break.

My duty as a Christian is to spread this message wherever I go, so that others can also benefit from this gracious gift. Sometimes, I don’t feel like sharing. I pull a Jonah and flee in the opposite direction, stiff-necked and refusing to warn the people. This isn’t God’s fault. It’s mine. I’m overly prideful and, as my mother has told me my whole life, stubborn.

But it is not my place to judge who does or does not deserve salvation. I don’t deserve it, and neither do people who murder infants.

But God can and does save people who murder infants.

I must remember that.

Makes for calm blood.

Slavery and Saviors

Message for people who shamelessly invoke the old “legacy of slavery” excuse and view the government as some sort of savior (emphases added):

“In 1940, when blacks were politically impotent, their poverty rate was 87 percent. By 1960, before blacks achieved much political power, it fell to 47 percent. During that interval, in various skilled trades, the incomes of blacks relative to whites more than doubled. Before 1960, there were no anti-poverty programs or affirmative action programs that can explain an economic advance that exceeded any other 20-year interval, though there were Truman and Eisenhower administration attacks on some of the gross forms of racial discrimination. A significant chunk of black progress occurred simply through migration from rural areas in the South to big Northern cities. Between 1960 and 1980, black poverty fell roughly 17 percent and continued falling to today’s 24 percent. The decline in black poverty between 1960 and 1980 might have simply been a continuation of a trend starting much earlier and cannot be attributed solely to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, President Johnson’s War on Poverty, or Richard Nixon’s affirmative action.

baby“Most of the major problems that many black people face are not amendable to political solutions and government anti-poverty programs. Let’s look at some. In 1940, 86 percent of black children were born inside marriage, and the illegitimacy rate among blacks was about 15 percent. Today, only 35 percent of black children are born inside marriage, and the illegitimacy rate hovers around 70 percent. Today’s breakdown of the black family is unprecedented. It began in the 1960s with the War on Poverty and the harebrained ideas of the welfare state. In the mid-1960s, Daniel Moynihan sounded the alarm about the breakdown in the black family in his book ‘The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.’ At that time black illegitimacy was 26 percent. Moynihan said, ‘(A)t the heart of the deterioration of the fabric of the Negro society is the deterioration of the Negro family.’ He added, ‘The steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States.’ Moynihan’s observations were greeted with charges of racism and blaming the victim. By the way, the welfare state is an equal opportunity family destroyer. Today’s illegitimacy rate among whites, at nearly 30 percent, is higher than it was among blacks in the 1960s when Moynihan sounded the alarm. In Sweden, the mother of the welfare state, illegitimacy is 54 percent.”

— Walter Williams, Politics and Blacks

Blog, Twit, Face

I never thought I’d see the day I twittered and facebooked more than I blogged. But here we are. So much easier to post one-liners with links throughout the day than come up with several essay-length posts every week. Or even twice a week. (Juggling several balls at present.) I probably won’t ever stop blogging. Subject matter may change, but I’m wedded to the platform itself.

As this blog currently stands, it’s got Google juice. But if you want to know what I’m reading and linking in real-time, follow me on Twitter.

If you want to discuss the commentary with others, friend me on Facebook. Today’s topics include high-scoring homeschoolers and Joker-face posters. The number of comments I get on status updates reminds me of the old “rollicking” days on the blog, where discussions sometimes got heated. To be young again…

NAMBLA’s Got Next?

In Newsweek? Probably.

Laugh at the “slippery slope” observations of those who oppose homosexual “marriage,” if you must, but I predict that within the next 10 years, a group of shameless tools will file suit claiming equal protection violations because they can’t legally “marry” as a threesome.

Ménage à Twits v. United States.

I’ll go a step farther and predict some shameless pervert will file suit because he can’t “marry” the underage object of his molestation.

Scoffing never hurt anybody. Failing to protect children from harm or provide a stable, mother-father home hurts too many.

Mock on…

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Kitty Killing and Baby Murdering

murder by probeObservation…

You can ask a “doctor” to suck your unborn baby down a sink or to stick a probe in his brain and crush his skull. But woe to the one who kills an animal.

What a world. If you want to get on leftist hit lists, torture an animal. Wanna be a hero? Kill your baby.

It should go without saying that I don’t condone the torture of animals. Burning a kitten in an oven for kicks? It’s bad. Gross. Totally. But where’s the outrage for unborn children, tortured in the womb in the name of convenience? A little perspective goes a long way.

If you believe women have a right to slaughter the unborn, your venom toward people like Michael Vick looks hypocritically absurd in comparison. And PETA folks criticizing Obama for swatting a fly? Even if it’s tongue-in-cheek, it’s sickeningly incongruous.

Update: A reader comments: “17 year old Cherry [kitty killer] would be hailed a hero if she killed her unborn baby.”

Partial Birth Abortion Demonstration

A pro-life doctor demonstrates infanticide, euphemistically known as partial birth abortion.

Partially delivering a baby, then sticking a pair of scissors in his brain to kill him, is legal in the U.S. If that doesn’t kill him, the “doctor” sucks his brains out. The baby’s head is kept inside the womb during this heinous act to avoid murder charges. As long as the living child’s head remains inside the mother when he’s murdered, the law says it’s not murder.

Hat tip: Melanie Hall

Beware of Government-Run Health Care

Think about it. Do you want the government telling you what procedures you can or can’t have, with no option to pay for the procedures yourself? Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise, because it will happen under socialized medicine.

Rally ’round the reform bill at your own risk.

Twittered Tidbits for the Time-Constrained

I wish my income reflected the hours I put into doing things on my to-do list. Part of it involves wage-earning; the other, stop-talking-about-it-and-just-do-it stuff that provides no guarantee other than my personal satisfaction. Blastfulâ„¢ good times, for sure.

Black, White, and Blue

You know, it takes a brave person to go against the grain, something I’ve witnessed first-hand since I began writing for publication. The pressure to conform is even greater if you’re a black person who believes white racism is the least of America’s concerns and certainly plays no significant role in the lives of blacks. Fatherlessness and illegitimacy do play significant roles, however. These conditions cause more harm in the so-called black community than racism ever has or ever will.

It isn’t simply a matter of holding views that diverge from the group’s; it’s expressing those views publicly that make people angry enough to send hate-mail and call you names like self-hater. “Racist” whites may use your views to bolster their own opinions, they say. In other words, stick to the script and don’t attempt to ad-lib. Words and ideas are dangerous, so pipe down and keep your opinions inside your head.

Black police officers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who support Sgt. Crowley (arrested Henry Louis Gates) and the Cambridge police force are probably catching it right now. Then again, maybe not. Perhaps people have evolved beyond castigating those who refuse to march in lockstep, regardless of skin color.

(Of course they haven’t, but I wanted to do what Jesse said and keep hope alive!)

Henry Louis Gates Needs A Shrink

Henry Louis Gates

I hadn’t planned to blog about this Henry Louis Gates mess. Frankly, it’s embarrassing. A so-called intelligent man, Harvard professor, respected scholar and all that, shouting at police and invoking racism where there was none. In that moment, he embodied the stereotype of the loud and ignorant-sounding black person shouting racism whenever something negative happens to him, even if the whole thing is his fault.

What convinced me to blog about Gates was this piece of news: Lucia Whalen, a white woman who reported what she thought was a break-in and who should be commended for giving a rat’s butt in the first place, did not mention the race of the two men she saw trying to pry open Gates’s door. (Source)

Whalen was accused of calling the cops because the men were black, not because they appeared to breaking into a neighbor’s house. The lack of racial reference on the 911 tape tends to refute that. Unfortunately, the lack of racist behavior on the cops’ or Whalen’s part will not change the minds of people who believe that Gates, who should know better, is some sort of oppressed martyr. Idiotic.

Going off on the police, no matter how angry you are, is an ignorant thing to do. And anyone who, at this point, given all that’s come out about this incident, still believes Gates was the victim of racism is willfully ignorant.

Gates has some issues to work out. Perhaps he needs a vacation. At any rate, he definitely needs a shrink. 😕

Abortion is Not Health Care

abortable at 12 weeksOne of the most ironically absurd memes to emerge from the abortion debate is that child killing is health care.

Whose health?

Abortion obviously isn’t healthy for the fetus, as it leads to a violent death, so it must be the woman’s. Carrying a baby, after volunteering to perform the act that creates babies, apparently is unhealthy for the woman who doesn’t want the baby. Instead of concerning herself with the health (read: life) or her unborn child, she proceeds to snuff out that life, and abortion proponents want taxpayers to foot the bill for the snuffing.

Twisted world, indeed.

The Christian Defense Coalition and Operation Rescue created a campaign called “Abortion is Not Health Care” to bring attention to the $1.5 trillion health care bill, over 1,000 pages worth, scheduled for a vote at the end of July. Our Christ-professing president will include taxpayer-funded child killing in his socialized medicine plan. The Coalition will begin its campaign on Sunday, July 26, in Washington, DC.

Coalition director Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney said, “President Obama talks about being a progressive leader who embraces human rights and equality for all. It is tragic that he would turn health care, which is supposed to heal and bring comfort to those in need, into something that destroys innocent life.”

Christian Adoption Hits Social Networking

babyAdoption 2.0!

Pregnant women out there in the audience who don’t want your babies, consider adopting them out to Christian families instead of killing them. You can even adopt out Down Syndrome babies. If you choose to endure the physical, emotional, and financial “inconvenience” of carrying an unwanted baby to term, you’ll be saving a precious child’s life and enriching a family’s life.

Bethany Christian Services is just one of many adoption agencies for Christian families who want to give orphans and unwanted babies a loving home. Bethany has joined the social networking trend and established its presence on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, and other sites. (Follow Bethany on Twitter.) Bethany strives to make families aware of what they do and help them find orphaned and unwanted children.

Please let your unborn baby live. Give him a chance to love and to be loved, and experience the bittersweet joy of this sometimes chaotic and confusing yet amazingly wondrous thing called life.

National Education Association Rejects Neutrality on Abortion

infanticideLifeNews reports that the National Education Association (NEA), which represents government school teachers, rejected a proposal that would have had the group take a neutral stance on child killing.

Surprise, right? The proposal was put forward by pro-life teachers.

The late “late-term” abortionist George Tiller, who slaughtered infants for his supper, was honored at a Feminist Majority Foundation conference held at NEA headquarters a couple years ago. Students for Life of America secretly videotaped him talking about babies slipping out of the womb alive during abortions, which he called “sloppy medicine.”

Tiller made the case for infanticide by showing graphic photos of unborn babies with abnormalities at the conference. He admits on tape to having aborted babies a day before the mother’s due date. One murdered baby in Tiller’s photo collage was a child with three arms. The right to choose death over corrective surgery, eh?

Did the NEA merely allow the foundation to use its facilities and doesn’t endorse infanticide? Optimistic assumption, to say the least. The NEA knew Tiller’s record. It’s safe to say the NEA not only believes women have right to have their babies sucked down a sink (reproductive freedom), they also believe women have a right to have their infants murdered a day before their due dates.

Applause, applause.

You Don’t Look A Day Over 232

flagFourth of July flashback

When I was going through an existential phase in college many years ago, I used to ask, “What’s the meaning of all this? What is the point?”

Why was I born in South Carolina, in the United States, in this skin, and with this body?

“I could have been born anywhere,” I’d say. Why here? Why now? Why a woman? Why a black person? What does it all mean? I’m still seeking answers to some of those questions, but I know this: I thank God I was born on American soil, and he must have a good reason for making it so.

My country is a land of the free, home of the brave, but I used to talk trash about it and take for granted its freedom and opportunities. I saw the error of my ways, however. America is my homeland, and I have grown to love it.

Who cares what “they” say? Envy! Let them complain and criticize and demonize. For all its faults (which are legion), America is the freest, the best, the greatest, the most benevolent and charitable country on the planet.

It is my homeland, and I love it. Here’s to another 233 years!