Blog, Twit, Face

I never thought I’d see the day I twittered and facebooked more than I blogged. But here we are. So much easier to post one-liners with links throughout the day than come up with several essay-length posts every week. Or even twice a week. (Juggling several balls at present.) I probably won’t ever stop blogging. Subject matter may change, but I’m wedded to the platform itself.

As this blog currently stands, it’s got Google juice. But if you want to know what I’m reading and linking in real-time, follow me on Twitter.

If you want to discuss the commentary with others, friend me on Facebook. Today’s topics include high-scoring homeschoolers and Joker-face posters. The number of comments I get on status updates reminds me of the old “rollicking” days on the blog, where discussions sometimes got heated. To be young again…