Jonah and the Child Killers

JonahWhen I read stuff like this, doing something to generate endorphins helps control the blood-boiling anger. Praying helps, too. I find the story of Jonah most helpful. Are you familiar with him?

God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and warn the people of his judgment if they didn’t repent, but Jonah didn’t want the Ninevites to receive God’s wonderful redemption. Did he hate them that much? Had to.

I feel pretty much the same way about people who hurt and kill children and babies, including the unborn. I want the perpetrators, who know very well what they’re doing, to feel just a fraction of what God has in store for them or even to feel the pain an unborn child has to feel when he’s torn apart in the womb.

But if they repent and accept, they’d avoid the wrath. And there’s the rub.

FYI…I am a sinner. Surprise! And I will be a sinner as long as I’m living in this fallen world in this fallen body. The difference between Christians and non-Christians is that Christians are forgiven sinners. We believe Christ sacrificed himself to save us. He paid for our sins with his own blood. Sinless, he took on my sins so I wouldn’t face the terrible and righteous wrath of a God whose laws I break.

My duty as a Christian is to spread this message wherever I go, so that others can also benefit from this gracious gift. Sometimes, I don’t feel like sharing. I pull a Jonah and flee in the opposite direction, stiff-necked and refusing to warn the people. This isn’t God’s fault. It’s mine. I’m overly prideful and, as my mother has told me my whole life, stubborn.

But it is not my place to judge who does or does not deserve salvation. I don’t deserve it, and neither do people who murder infants.

But God can and does save people who murder infants.

I must remember that.

Makes for calm blood.

Kitty Killing and Baby Murdering

murder by probeObservation…

You can ask a “doctor” to suck your unborn baby down a sink or to stick a probe in his brain and crush his skull. But woe to the one who kills an animal.

What a world. If you want to get on leftist hit lists, torture an animal. Wanna be a hero? Kill your baby.

It should go without saying that I don’t condone the torture of animals. Burning a kitten in an oven for kicks? It’s bad. Gross. Totally. But where’s the outrage for unborn children, tortured in the womb in the name of convenience? A little perspective goes a long way.

If you believe women have a right to slaughter the unborn, your venom toward people like Michael Vick looks hypocritically absurd in comparison. And PETA folks criticizing Obama for swatting a fly? Even if it’s tongue-in-cheek, it’s sickeningly incongruous.

Update: A reader comments: “17 year old Cherry [kitty killer] would be hailed a hero if she killed her unborn baby.”

Partial Birth Abortion Demonstration

A pro-life doctor demonstrates infanticide, euphemistically known as partial birth abortion.

Partially delivering a baby, then sticking a pair of scissors in his brain to kill him, is legal in the U.S. If that doesn’t kill him, the “doctor” sucks his brains out. The baby’s head is kept inside the womb during this heinous act to avoid murder charges. As long as the living child’s head remains inside the mother when he’s murdered, the law says it’s not murder.

Hat tip: Melanie Hall

Abortion is Not Health Care

abortable at 12 weeksOne of the most ironically absurd memes to emerge from the abortion debate is that child killing is health care.

Whose health?

Abortion obviously isn’t healthy for the fetus, as it leads to a violent death, so it must be the woman’s. Carrying a baby, after volunteering to perform the act that creates babies, apparently is unhealthy for the woman who doesn’t want the baby. Instead of concerning herself with the health (read: life) or her unborn child, she proceeds to snuff out that life, and abortion proponents want taxpayers to foot the bill for the snuffing.

Twisted world, indeed.

The Christian Defense Coalition and Operation Rescue created a campaign called “Abortion is Not Health Care” to bring attention to the $1.5 trillion health care bill, over 1,000 pages worth, scheduled for a vote at the end of July. Our Christ-professing president will include taxpayer-funded child killing in his socialized medicine plan. The Coalition will begin its campaign on Sunday, July 26, in Washington, DC.

Coalition director Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney said, “President Obama talks about being a progressive leader who embraces human rights and equality for all. It is tragic that he would turn health care, which is supposed to heal and bring comfort to those in need, into something that destroys innocent life.”

National Education Association Rejects Neutrality on Abortion

infanticideLifeNews reports that the National Education Association (NEA), which represents government school teachers, rejected a proposal that would have had the group take a neutral stance on child killing.

Surprise, right? The proposal was put forward by pro-life teachers.

The late “late-term” abortionist George Tiller, who slaughtered infants for his supper, was honored at a Feminist Majority Foundation conference held at NEA headquarters a couple years ago. Students for Life of America secretly videotaped him talking about babies slipping out of the womb alive during abortions, which he called “sloppy medicine.”

Tiller made the case for infanticide by showing graphic photos of unborn babies with abnormalities at the conference. He admits on tape to having aborted babies a day before the mother’s due date. One murdered baby in Tiller’s photo collage was a child with three arms. The right to choose death over corrective surgery, eh?

Did the NEA merely allow the foundation to use its facilities and doesn’t endorse infanticide? Optimistic assumption, to say the least. The NEA knew Tiller’s record. It’s safe to say the NEA not only believes women have right to have their babies sucked down a sink (reproductive freedom), they also believe women have a right to have their infants murdered a day before their due dates.

Applause, applause.

El Paso Planned Parenthood Clinics Shut Down

Planned Parenthood El PasoFewer babies will die in Texas. The abortion mill has closed all seven of its El Paso clinics. Money woes. The bad economy is a mixed blessing. Families and businesses are having a tough time, but baby killing operations are feeling the pinch, too.

Determined and inconvenienced women will always find ways to snuff out their unborn babies’ lives, and the clinics likely will re-open once the economy improves. But for now, I’m praying for a pro-life revival groundswell to sweep the country.

People can delude themselves into believing life doesn’t begin at conception. They de-humanize the child so they can sleep better at night after advocating all day for his death. They can ignore the technology that reveals just how human and precious and wonderful and beautiful that “clump of cells” really is.

But they know. Deep down they know there’s something not quite right about vacuuming this tiny person out of the womb and rinsing his torn body down a sink. Or stabbing him in the brain. Does the unborn child feel the pain of his death?

If those people don’t know something is very wrong, one day they certainly will.

More at WND.

Addendum: Ever heard of Rock for Life? This group promotes the pro-life cause through music, showing up at concerts to spread the message and enlisting the help of pro-life bands. Follow Rock for Life on Twitter.

Will Alabama Planned Parenthood Report Statutory Rape?

Whatever you tell us stays within these walls.

Live Action‘s “Lila Rose” went undercover at a Planned Parenthood in Birmingham, Alabama. She told the employee she was 14, and the woman said she needed her parents’ consent to kill her baby. So far, so legal.

When Lila Rose hedges, the employee asks if she has an older sister over the age of 18. The “pregnant” girl says no, but that her half-brother is over 18. Does he have the same last name? He doesn’t. Out of luck. Or is she?

Lila Rose says her baby’s father is 31. Does the “Whatever you tell us stays within these walls” statement still hold? It’s mandatory in Alabama for clinics to report suspected sexual abuse of a minor.

Arizona Planned Parenthood Worker Says Abortion Images Fake – Image Warning

Live Action Films went undercover and recorded a Planned Parenthood worker saying that bloody images of aborted babies online aren’t real. It doesn’t matter if she had a specific site in mind. The point is she made the statement to assuage the “pregnant” girl’s guilt over preparing to have her baby slaughtered.

Be warned. The image below of an eight-week-old aborted baby is real, and it isn’t the worst out there. Even at eight weeks, note the developing ribcage, spine, and bones in his/her fingers. Someone thought this precious life wasn’t fit to live:

Continue reading “Arizona Planned Parenthood Worker Says Abortion Images Fake – Image Warning”

Arizona Legislature Restricts Abortion

unborn babyLast November, 56 percent of Arizona voters chose to protect traditional marriage. The constitutional amendment reads: “Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.”

Arizona does the right thing once again. Both houses of the state legislature passed a measure to restrict abortion. With a Republican in the governor’s mansion who supports the bill, it has a good chance of becoming law. (Source)

The bill would:

  • Impose a 24-hour-wait before the slaughter commences;
  • Require “doctors” to tell women about risks and alternatives;
  • Strengthen a parental approval law;
  • Exempt health care providers who consider snuffing out unborn life wrong from dispensing “emergency contraception.”

I know, it’s so little, but it’s something. If the bill saves one unborn baby’s life…

I’m fond of Arizona at the moment. I think it’s time to visit.

Margaret Sanger’s Negroes

Just wanted to share a few things on my mind:

“The mass of Negroes, particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from the portion of the population lease intelligent and fit, and least able to rear children properly,” said Margaret Sanger, founder the abortion mill Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Margaret SangerAmong other things, she considered non-Aryan people unfit to breed and “a great biological menace to the future of civilization.” If she were alive today, I wonder what she’d think of Barack Obama, American’s first biracial president. Let’s speculate. His mother was white, and he was raised by whites. He attended Harvard and became president of the United States. I think she’d approve. But you never know.

We know what Sanger would think of Reverend Carlton Veazey, president and CEO of a group once known as the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, now disguised as the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. “I support Planned Parenthood 100 percent,” he said.

In 1939, Sanger created the “Negro Project,” in which she enlisted the services of black ministers to share her solution to the problem: contraception, sterilization, and abortion. “The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal,” Sanger wrote. “We do not want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Back to Obama. Not only is he pro-abortion, he’s pro-infanticide. Not only that, but he’s of the opinion that infants born despite attempts to kill them should receive no medical care. It is up to the doctor to decide whether an infant born during a botched abortion is worthy of life-saving care.

Margaret Sanger was a product of her times. What’s Obama’s excuse? Or Carlton Veazey’s? A so-called minister of the Gospel heads a child killing advocacy organization? What on earth possessed Veazey to think Christ called him to that?

Veazey before the judgment seat:

“Well, see, what had happened was, God, is that I believed it was my duty, as a minister of your Word, you know, to preach a gospel of choice and support women in their right to kill the unborn. Say what? Yes, you did infuse those babies with souls, but see, I merely was doing what I thought you commanded me to do, God, you know, spread the pro-choice gospel to every nation. Say what? I was dead wrong? Pardon the pun. My bad. I plead ignorance! Uh…judge not lest ye be judged!”

Teen Charged With Trying to Murder Her Baby

newbornThis is interesting.

A teenager “allegedly” hired a man to beat her up so she could miscarry. The baby survived. The girl was charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder, and the beat-upper was charged with attempted murder. (Source)


Let me see if I’m smart enough to follow this. If I hire someone to beat my baby to death, in utero, I could be charged with murder if the baby dies. But if I hire an infanticide “doctor” to crush my baby to death (or tear him limb from limb, if you prefer), in utero, I’m off the hook.

I always thought if a woman didn’t want “it,” then it wasn’t considered a human being worthy of life. Apparently, the little masochist didn’t want it so she tried to get someone to kill it. Why is she being criminally charged? And how can he be charged with attempting to murder something she didn’t want? Abortionists do it all the time. Oh…give me a second…I get it now. An abortionist is licensed to practice the “medicine” of murdering babies, and any Joe Blow off the street is not.

I see the distinction.

Killing A 23-Week-Old Unborn Baby

Turn on the radio and sway to the music. With her sense of movement well developed by now, your baby can feel you dance. And now that she’s more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango), you may be able to see her squirm underneath your clothes. (

So-called partial birth abortion (dilation and evacuation) performed on an unborn baby at 23 weeks (click on image):

23 weeks

Partial birth abortion illustrated (images from National Right to Life):

Child Killer George Tiller Killed

6/2/09: Observations that may interest pro-infanticide folks of the hypocritical kind.

George Tiller***Scroll down for updates and images***

Earlier this year I blogged about a man named George Tiller, killer of babies. He’d spoken at a National Education Association conference, and pro-life group Students for Life of America secretly videotaped him talking about babies slipping out of the womb alive during abortions. He called this “sloppy medicine.”

Tiller made the case for infanticide by showing graphic photos of unborn babies with abnormalities. He admits on tape to having aborted babies a day before the mother’s due date. One murdered baby in Tiller’s photo collage was a child with three arms. I asked, “Why didn’t the mother carry the baby to term and consider corrective surgery after he was born? A baby with an extra arm isn’t worthy of life?”

Today, Dr. Infanticide was shot and killed while walking into a church. Is “ironic” the right word to describe it?

Who killed Tiller the child killer, cultivator of death?


(So-called partial birth abortion images from National Right to Life)

Update: A pro-death Twitterer called me twisted for reminding people that Tiller killed infants, since his killer is still on the loose. Huh? You’ve got to dig that irony thing.

Update II: My blog’s influence isn’t as far-reaching as it used to be, but I want to urge folks not to dwell on charges for which Tiller was aquitted. The charges had nothing to do with the legality or illegality of killing babies per se. The state alleged that Tiller failed to get a second opinion from an independent doctor when killing babies. It didn’t turn on protecting the unborn. It was about paperwork.

More Press for Pro-Life Crusader Lila Rose

Check out this Reuters story about “Lila Rose,” the college student who poses as a pregnant teen knocked up by her adult boyfriend and captures Planned Parenthood workers failing to report what’s presented to them as statutory rape and in some cases, encouraging her to lie about it.

'abortable' baby at 16 weeksU.S. News and World Report blogger Bonnie Erbe wants to know why the pro-life crusader hasn’t been arrested for trespassing or fraud, and – get this – Planned Parenthood has posted Lila Rose’s picture so its disgraceful workers will be on the alert.

#1: On the alert for what? As long as PP reports statutory rapes and stops encouraging teenagers to lie about it, what difference does it make who comes into the mill? Whether a sting operation or the real deal, as long as PP workers do what they’re required to do by law (and common decency, for crying out loud), what’s the problem? Unless they plan on continuing the “you rape ’em, we muzzle ’em” policy.

#2 – Instead of posting Lila Rose’s face on the wall, how about posting pics of the women who failed to report the rapes, alerting girls and women seeking “services” to stay clear of workers who’ll not only allow abuse to continue, but advise them to keep their mouths shut, too?