Beware of Government-Run Health Care

Think about it. Do you want the government telling you what procedures you can or can’t have, with no option to pay for the procedures yourself? Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise, because it will happen under socialized medicine.

Rally ’round the reform bill at your own risk.

Abortion is Not Health Care

abortable at 12 weeksOne of the most ironically absurd memes to emerge from the abortion debate is that child killing is health care.

Whose health?

Abortion obviously isn’t healthy for the fetus, as it leads to a violent death, so it must be the woman’s. Carrying a baby, after volunteering to perform the act that creates babies, apparently is unhealthy for the woman who doesn’t want the baby. Instead of concerning herself with the health (read: life) or her unborn child, she proceeds to snuff out that life, and abortion proponents want taxpayers to foot the bill for the snuffing.

Twisted world, indeed.

The Christian Defense Coalition and Operation Rescue created a campaign called “Abortion is Not Health Care” to bring attention to the $1.5 trillion health care bill, over 1,000 pages worth, scheduled for a vote at the end of July. Our Christ-professing president will include taxpayer-funded child killing in his socialized medicine plan. The Coalition will begin its campaign on Sunday, July 26, in Washington, DC.

Coalition director Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney said, “President Obama talks about being a progressive leader who embraces human rights and equality for all. It is tragic that he would turn health care, which is supposed to heal and bring comfort to those in need, into something that destroys innocent life.”

Obama Finally Issues Statement on Pvt. William Long

Update (6/5): Still no statement from DOJ about Pvt. William Long’s murder by an American Muslim (as of 7:30 a.m. PT), but the AG released a statement about protecting American Muslims. Cruel irony. Cold irony. Can’t decide which fits.

Later…My non-political sister just pointed out that Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad’s attack on the military recruiters was an attack against the entire U.S. military. STILL no response from AG (as of 11:39 a.m. PT).

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The Thing Is Done!

President Barack Obama***Scroll down for updates***

The thing is done. Barack Hussein Obama is America’s 44rd president and first biracial president. I almost – almost – envy black people excited about Obama. They really do have a pep in their step.

Yesterday truly was an historic moment for the United States. For better or for worse, Obama’s got four years to do his thing. In my world, values trump skin color, and I can’t get excited about the reign of someone whose system of belief is so different from my own, even if he’s half-black.

During the campaign, Obama said one of the first things he’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law. Since he thinks women have a right to commit infanticide, I believe him. Then again, he’ll be so busy dealing with friends and foes trying to cash in favors, he might forget.

Readers have asked for my opinion on the following portion of Rev. Joseph Lowery’s prayer:

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest,
and in the joy of a new beginning,
we ask you to help us work for that day
when black will not be asked to get in back,
when brown can stick around,
when yellow will be mellow,
when the red man can get ahead, man;
and when white will embrace what is right.
That all those who do justice and love mercy
say Amen

I know white people are so weary of being made to feel responsible for everything wrong in the “black community,” from out-of-wedlock pregnancies, to the inability of people with bad credit to get home loans or, depending on which way the wind blows, their ability to get sub-prime loans, to the academic achievement gap, and on and on. Personally speaking, that is, I, myself, would rather be left alone. I don’t blame anyone else for my lot in life. It falls squarely on me. At least, that’s the way I choose to see it and how I conduct my life.

I understand how frustrating it can be that even in prayer, someone’s implying that you’re embracing what is wrong, that your efforts have been insufficient, that you must do more for people who are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world. Opportunities abound, but some people don’t want to do what it takes to seize them. Complaining and blaming are so much easier.

Somewhere along the way, equality of opportunity morphed into a desire for equality of outcome. But thanks to the true diversity of individuals – not just the skin deep-only kind – that won’t happen. Individuals will always have varying levels of talent, motivation, curiosity, drive…equality of outcome can only be produced by rigging the game and subsidizing the players.

Obama will be like any other president: going back on his promises, disappointing the base, etc. People who see him as some kind of great biracial hope who’ll bring together all the colors of the rainbow are deluded. He’s just a man. He has no magic powers. He doesn’t have the power to make rogue nations that hate us suddenly fall in love with us, for example. What he probably will end up doing is appeasing these nations. They will always hate the United States and live to see its destruction; an ally in the White House will make their efforts to destroy us easier.

Whoa! Pardon the digression. Back to Lowery. Keep in mind that he’s an 87-year-old black man who lived through Jim Crow. As co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Lowery was on the front lines of the civil rights movement. If anyone knows how this country once treated blacks, it’s Lowery. Make allowances for a man who witnessed something yesterday he didn’t believe he’d ever live to see.

Despite my difference of opinion with people like Lowery, I am grateful to him and to others for making the road easier and less steep for me.

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Larry Downing)

Update: Fabulous Carlotta Morrow writes, via Facebook:

“I agree with you about Lowrey. He offended many whites, but I just believe it came out the wrong way. Many of us oldies remember the phrases “black get back, white is right, and so on…” I took it to mean that those phrases have been wiped out but for those like you and me, we believe those phrases were wiped out long ago. Many were offended because it sounds like he’s still living in the past…as if Obama’s election meant nothing! The offense is understandable and Lowery needs to clarify if nothing else.”

Obama Picks Socially Conservative Rick Warren for Invocation

Saddleback Civil ForumI’ve never read The Purpose-Driven Life nor am I inclined to now. I don’t like mega-churches or “superstar” pastors.

But I’m pleased Barack Obama chose the socially conservative Rick Warren to do his inaugural invocation, regardless of his motives.

Whatever you think of Warren, make no mistake: he’s a social conservative, my favorite kind. Among other things, he is pro-life and opposes homosexual “marriage.” (I’ve learned in recent years that being socially conservative doesn’t necessarily mean one holds these values.) And that’s good enough for me.

Homosexuals are a tad upset that their brother-in-arms chose someone who calls homosexual behavior by its proper name and shares my opinion about the slippery slope of allowing two men to call themselves married in the traditional sense of the word. People may be offended that I think such a mockery eventually would lead to atrocities like allowing adults to marry children. But look at it this way: I can’t believe in my lifetime, Americans are discussing allowing people of the same sex to marry. Whoever thought that would happen? You honestly don’t think it will lead to other perverted things? You’re either naive, imbecilic, or straight-up lying.

Be offended, curse, laugh, say evil things about me behind my back — whatever you need to do, but I will always oppose homosexual “marriage” and will continue to speak out boldly and publicly against it.

Why did Obama (who said he opposes homosexual “marriage,” by the way) choose a Prop 8-supporting man like Warren, knowing it would anger and confound his leftist base? To “reach out” to social conservatives who voted for John McCain, to skim off a few Republican-voting Christians who dig Warren – I don’t know, and I don’t think it matters that much.

I’m enjoying the fact that Barack Obama is not doing what his supporters expected. For example, blacks, hispanics, and radical leftists aren’t satisfied with his cabinet picks, and some say he’s being too careful, too timid. Careful or timid, he’s still an infanticide-supporting liberal. And that’s bad enough for me.

Happy invocating, Rick!

(Let’s pray that he smuggles in the Gospel.)

Will Obama Reverse Abstinence/Fidelity Africa Funding Policy?


I remember when President George Bush pledged $15 billion to help reduce AIDS in Africa. I wasn’t too pleased. I’m hardly ever pleased about the government sending billions of dollars.

Close to 25 percent of that money goes to groups that promote abstinence outside marriage and fidelity within marriage. The policy prohibited aid to organizations that counseled for and performed abortions, with the usual “rape, incest, or woman’s health” exception. (I don’t hold to such exceptions.)

Focusing on abstinence has paid off in countries like Uganda, where the AIDS rate has decreased from 15 percent to five percent. In Kenya, HIV infection rates among unmarried young adults have dropped by two-thirds. Why? Because they curbed an activity we Bible thumpers call fornication. Well, that’s what God calls it.

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Barack Obama’s Post-Racial Delusion

A somewhat unorganized collection of post-election thoughts. More to come.

Author Shelby Steele, with whom I shared a discussion panel several years ago, writes about Barack Obama’s delusional “post-racial promise.”

Barack ObamaAfter Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, people at my former day job were aglow. (See Barack Obama Goes to Boston) My boss in particular went on and on about this “young man” and his eloquent speech. I told him I hadn’t watched the convention but couldn’t wait to find out what everyone was gushing about. I read the speech and found nothing remarkable about it.

Young, black, and possessed of so-called charisma, Obama was fresh and new. His rhetoric was tired and devoid of substance, but he symbolized a racial idealism, as Steele notes. My co-workers, black and white, were excited about the “articulate” Obama’s potential. It was the idea of him rather than what he said that got people excited. My boss, who was white, could barely contain himself.

It’s safe to say my sixtysomething former boss proudly voted for Barack Obama on Tuesday. No doubt he bought into the “post-racial promise,” the idea that Americans have moved beyond race, and a vote for Obama proves it. For white liberal types, failing to support Obama implies a failure to embrace this ideal.

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Colin Powell, ‘Liberal’ Republican

Colin PowellI, personally, me, La Shawn Barber, couldn’t care less that retired Army General Colin Powell, black Republican, endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama for president.

For those who do care, let me ease your mind. As confusing as it may be, you shouldn’t be surprised. That is, if you know anything about Colin Powell.

Did you know Colin Powell is pro-choice? He believes women have a right to choose to have their unborn babies slaughtered in the womb.

Did you know Colin Powell believes colleges and universities should admit and reject applicants based on the color of their skin? Race should play a role in admissions, he thinks, an idea totally contrary to the very spirit of the civil rights movement.

(Incidentally, black Republican Condoleezza Rice is also pro-choice and pro-race preferences.)

I would not be surprised if I learned Colin Powell opposes California’s Proposition 8, a measure that would amend the constitution to define marriage as between only one man and one woman.

Colin Powell, endorser of BHO, is a Republican, but he’s not socially conservative. That should clear up any confusion or answer most questions you have about why he did such a thing.

Update: Speaking of race preferences, check out the American Civil Rights Institute’s (ACRI) new blog. If you’re interested in reading about ACRI’s efforts to end race- and sex-based preferences in government hiring, contracting, and admissions, bookmark it or subscribe via RSS or e-mail.

Thanks to Ward Connerly’s efforts, voters in Colorado and Nebraska will decide on November 4 whether their state and local governments may continue discriminating against and granting preferences to people based on race and sex.

First Debate Open Thread

Obama McCain debateBack in this blog’s early days, I used to “live-blog” events like speeches and debates. Haven’t live-blogged in a long time. Why break the streak tonight?

I invite you to “live-comment” tonight’s presidential debate. Discuss the candidate’s answers, appearance, and anything else of relevance. Topics of interest to me: immigration (McCain voted for amnesty, so I don’t know what else I’m expecting from him – very disappointing selection), the war in Iraq and how to deal with global terrorism, and the developing Cold War, Part II.

TV-less? Watch it live at beginning at 9 p.m. ET. Live-blogging at MM, and trackbackers probably will do the same. Live-blogging and chatting at Hot Air.

As always, thanks for reading and participating on my blog. 🙂

Rest easy, everybody.

Black/White Racial Perceptions Are Different

Barack ObamaRace, race, race. Can’t get away from it.

By now you’ve heard about a new AP-Yahoo News online poll that shows blacks and whites hold different views on race. Newsflash, right?

Generally speaking, blacks and whites don’t agree on how much racial prejudice exists and who’s to blame for such perceptions, and it didn’t take a poll to determine that. Fifty-seven percent of blacks said “a lot” of racial discrimination exists, and only 10 percent of whites said the same. A third of whites said “most” racial tension is caused by blacks, and only three percent of blacks said the same.

It would be helpful to know how individuals define prejudice and discrimination. The two aren’t wrong per se. We prejudge and discriminate all the time, as well we should. People my age and under have a twisted view of racism. Jim Crow was racism; jailing black men, who commit a disproportionate number of crimes, at higher rates is not.

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John McCain on November 4

Update: Believers for Barack. I just don’t see it.

On the morning of November 5, 2008, some of us will be disappointed and others pleased. I voted for the first time at age 25. I pulled the lever for Bill Clinton in 1992 and again in 1996. I escaped leftism and voted for George Bush in 2000 and again in 2004.

electoral map 9/15/08When it comes to presidential elections, I’ve always been on the winning side. I’ve never had the dreaded feeling of waking up the day after an election and being bitterly disappointed. I hope the streak continues. 😕

(Click on the thumbnail to see larger map.)

I know I’ve said and written that it doesn’t matter to me who’s in the White House. Hey, frustration makes say such things. Of course it matters. America won’t fall apart if Barack Obama is elected president.

But it will become less like the place I know and love.

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Seven Years Ago Today

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western CivilizationI remember how angry I was on September 11, 2001.

When I realized we’d been attacked by Islamic terrorists, I wanted the U.S. to do something strong and quick like leveling all countries that were helping Osama bin Laden elude capture and hunting down and locking up people with even the remotest connection to Al-Qaeda until they started talking. I wanted to see heads rolling, literally.

My anger has abated after seven years, naturally, but I still think we should have responded much more aggressively.

I urge you to think about the consequences of and real meaning behind September 11, 2001. It was not a random event perpetrated by lone-nut type fanatics who hate America. It was and is a defining moment in Muslims’ desire to destroy our way of life. It was an affront to Western civilization, and we’ve got to fight it with everything we’ve got. Forget weak “surges” and sending our men and women to fight a rag-tag bunch of thugs. Bomb them out, smoke them out, hold public executions — whatever it takes.

(I received an advance copy of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization. I haven’t started reading it yet, but with section headers like, “Beauty is not merely in the eye of the beholder,” “Knowing God yields science,” “How Christians elevated culture,” and “Islam v. Civilization,” I can’t wait to dive in. On the cover: “Warning: Contains Moses, Plato, Jesus, and Shakespeare. Contents May Be Offensive.” Too cool.)

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McCain-Palin Momentum

McCain and PalinBased on what I’ve been reading on Memeorandum (my main source for finding out what’s going on in the political blogosphere), leftist journalists and bloggers are nervous about new poll numbers.

John McCain’s up; Barack Obama’s down. I rarely blog about polls, because I have no confidence in them. McCain-Palin is up now (which could be a mere post-convention bounce), but might drop next week. You never know.

Regardless, I’ll bet Obama is kicking himself right now for not being nicer to Hillary Clinton and/or not selecting her to be his running mate. Some say Obama should send her out to “attack” Sarah Palin, you know, woman-to-woman, catfight style. Would she, even if asked? Hillary’s got some leverage right now, that’s for sure. How she uses it remains to be seen.

McCain’s Palin stunt is paying off, at least in the short run, and Obama’s got to work fast and smart to regain his hot and heavy mainstream media love. The media aren’t showing Palin much love, but their energy is being funneled away from the Obamessiah into trying to find or create Palin scandals.

I’ll leave you with this: McCain-Palin just might pull it off. I have problems with both of them, and I’ll blog/write about those issues in the next couple of weeks. But I’ll breathe the proverbial sigh of relief if a Republican is still in the White House by year’s end. President Barack Hussein Obama? Good grief. May it never be…

Joe Biden: The ‘Articulate’ and ‘Clean’ Man’s Choice

Joe BidenHelp! I’m up to my nose in boxes. Man. You never realize how much stuff you accumulate in 10 years. And the books. They’ve been breeding! (I’m moving to California, by the way.)

Anyway, I’m breaking briefly to blog about Barack Obama’s choice of vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden. I couldn’t resist reminding you about Biden’s “controversial” remarks.

Last year, a journalist asked Biden what he thought of his opponent (Biden had recently announced his candidacy for president), and this is what he said about Obama:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

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