Henry Louis Gates Needs A Shrink

Henry Louis Gates

I hadn’t planned to blog about this Henry Louis Gates mess. Frankly, it’s embarrassing. A so-called intelligent man, Harvard professor, respected scholar and all that, shouting at police and invoking racism where there was none. In that moment, he embodied the stereotype of the loud and ignorant-sounding black person shouting racism whenever something negative happens to him, even if the whole thing is his fault.

What convinced me to blog about Gates was this piece of news: Lucia Whalen, a white woman who reported what she thought was a break-in and who should be commended for giving a rat’s butt in the first place, did not mention the race of the two men she saw trying to pry open Gates’s door. (Source)

Whalen was accused of calling the cops because the men were black, not because they appeared to breaking into a neighbor’s house. The lack of racial reference on the 911 tape tends to refute that. Unfortunately, the lack of racist behavior on the cops’ or Whalen’s part will not change the minds of people who believe that Gates, who should know better, is some sort of oppressed martyr. Idiotic.

Going off on the police, no matter how angry you are, is an ignorant thing to do. And anyone who, at this point, given all that’s come out about this incident, still believes Gates was the victim of racism is willfully ignorant.

Gates has some issues to work out. Perhaps he needs a vacation. At any rate, he definitely needs a shrink. 😕

Katrina Pierson Invites Janeane Garafolo to Dallas Tea Party

Hollywood liberals kill me. They really do. Any white American who doesn’t agree with them is a redneck, and black Americans who aren’t liberal actors are poor dumb creatures who need white women like Janeane Garafolo to stand up and “defend” us from the rednecks.

While I’m working on exactly what I’d say to Garafolo face should we ever meet, check out the video below.

More like Katrina Pierson, please:

Here’s the link to Pierson’s speech video.

Will Tom Hanks Call Blacks ‘Un-American’?

tom-hanks.bmpAfter the passage of Proposition 8, a measure that amends California’s constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, homosexuals started protesting in the streets, blocking traffic, and trying to intimidate Mormons. Why Mormons?

A rumor was going around that the Mormon church had spent millions on “deceptive” ads supporting Prop 8, which a spokesman denied. The church itself didn’t pay for any ads.

Homosexuals “marched” to Mormon churches, yelled in people’s faces, snatched Bibles from the elderly, and other nonsense.

But that was strange. Why were they focusing on Mormons, when 70 percent of black voters in the state voted YES on Prop 8? Curious, but not complicated. I made the observation, as did Thomas Sowell, that white homosexuals hadn’t dared and would not have dared “march” to black churches and harass black churchgoers, although it would have made more sense for them to head down to Watts or Compton or up to Oakland and express their disappointment. Can you imagine such a scenario? I’d pay good money to see that.

Now I’m wondering the same about actor Tom Hanks. Singling out Mormons for voting to protect traditional marriage, Hanks called them “un-American.” An overwhelming majority of blacks supported the measure. I suppose the same applies to them, yes? Perhaps Hanks is waiting until MLK’s birthday on Monday or Barack Obama’s inauguration on Tuesday to make his pronouncement. What do you think? I’d pay good money to hear that.

I concur with Michael van der Galien at Big Hollywood. “We the people” voting to amend a constitution is American. Legislating from the bench is not only un-American, it’s unconstitutional. Put down the scripts, Mr. Hanks (loved “Cast Away,” by the way), and pick up a copy of the Constitution. It’s a fascinatingly simple yet profound document.

Montgomery County Changes Sanctuary Tune

You don’t know what someone’s really like until you live with him/her, as the saying goes. Residents in left-leaning Montgomery County, Maryland, are dealing with something Northern Virginians learned the hard way. Illegal aliens bring crime (and lower property values?). (Source)

As Northern Virginia cracked down on illegal immigration (checking immigration status of arrestees, for example), lawbreaking aliens fled to places like Montgomery County, a well-known unofficial “sanctuary” county. Pro-enforcement folks in Virginia were called xenophobes for their trouble, as liberals declared themselves open and “tolerant” toward our border-jumping friends. Now, they’re singing a “racist” tune of their own. I do love it so.

From the Washington Post:

As of a week ago, eight of 16 people held in the county jail on murder charges had immigration detainers placed on them, meaning federal authorities might move to deport them after their criminal cases have run their course. Such suspects are not necessarily in the country illegally.

Police officials, however, have said two of the suspects — alleged gang members accused in the Nov. 1 shooting death of 14-year-old Tai Lam — are illegal immigrants whose status went undetected during previous arrests in the county.

“People in the mainstream are saying, ‘Wow, we could have had this person and we didn’t. What could have been done differently?’ ” said council member Michael Knapp (D-Upcounty).

The police could have prevented a murder…if only they’d checked the arrestee’s immigration status. “Serious” crime in the county has increased by 7 percent, and the police chief is following in the footsteps of xenophobic Virginia. He’s proposed to check the immigration status of people arrested for violent crimes. A liberal quoted in the story who believes law-abiding Americans should pay for illegal aliens’ healthcare supports the proposal.

But…but…isn’t that…racist?

Crime’s a-rising in MontCo, and I’m glad anti-enforcement liberals see the connection between illegal aliens and crime. I’m glad they’re feeling and seeing the repercussions of unchecked “immigration.” I’m glad they’re learning that being pro-enforcement does not make one a racist. And for good measure, they are the living definition of hypocrisy. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Let this be a lesson. The next time you call someone a racist or a xenophobe for wanting to keep his family safe and preserve his way of life, think about the consequences of your so-called open and tolerant attitudes. Along with the “vibrant” and positive aspects of a culture, you’ll also deal with the negative. What’s that other saying? You mess with the bull, you get the horns. I don’t know about yours, but from my perspective, America’s got enough home-grown crime. We don’t need to import it.

Every illegal alien is a criminal, whether they come here to work, steal, rape, or murder.

Can You Imagine If…

just another thugI noticed the muted responses from homosexual and feminist bloggers to the gang-rape of a lesbian. I wondered why they weren’t up in arms, ravenously ready to hurl stinging yet passionate words dripping with anger, denouncing this brutal and senseless act of violence against one of their own.

Then it dawned on me. The races of the gang-raping thugs: three hispanic and one black. I’d venture a guess that the victim is white.

At this point in my blogging “career” (five years and counting), it’s sort of tedious to do this, but I’ll do it anyway. Can you imagine the national…no forget that…the international outrage over this gang-rape if the perpetrators had been fair-haired and white? (That it’s national news at all is surprising.) Throw in a pair or two of blue eyes for good measure. Man, that’s all we’d be reading and hearing for the next several months. (How fast can you say Duke Lacrosse?) Diatribes against the white racist patriarchy, white supremacists, how California’s Proposition 8 is to blame for the “backlash” against homosexuals, and on and on.

But the reactions I’ve read so far in the media and on blogs are stunningly restrained. The facts, and hardly any emotion. By next week, nobody will be talking or writing about this story.

Human nature never ceases to amaze me. Even though it’s mind-numbingly predictable, I’m always amazed that I know it so well.

Moynihan’s Ghost

In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan sounded an alarm about the rising rates of illegitimacy in the black community (about 24 percent at the time). The collapse of the black family, he contended, would have devastating consequences. Branded as a racist for merely stating facts, Moynihan was drummed into silence. Forty-three years later, he’s a prophet. Seventy-five percent of black babies in the United States are born to unmarried mothers.

Read Racial Equality through Family Stability?.

Lewis Diuguid: Code Word for Race-Card Playing Journalist

Lewis DiuguidOh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to play the race card so close to Election Eve!*

Lewis Diuguid, a columnist for the Kansas City Star, played the race card and opened up a can of Drudge-linked worms with a blog post titled, “Shame on McCain and Palin for using an old code word for black.” An excerpt:

“The ‘socialist’ label that Sen. John McCain and his GOP presidential running mate Sarah Palin are trying to attach to Sen. Barack Obama actually has long and very ugly historical roots.

“J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI from 1924 to 1972, used the term liberally to describe African Americans who spent their lives fighting for equality.

“Those freedom fighters included the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr….W.E.B. Du Bois…Paul Robeson…A. Philip Randolph…”

Commenters are letting Diuguid have it.

As some point out, Barack Obama is a socialist, and socialists come in all races and nationalities. I can’t speak for John McCain and Sarah Palin, but when I use the word “socialist,” I’m thinking of white liberals in particular.

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Colin Powell, ‘Liberal’ Republican

Colin PowellI, personally, me, La Shawn Barber, couldn’t care less that retired Army General Colin Powell, black Republican, endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama for president.

For those who do care, let me ease your mind. As confusing as it may be, you shouldn’t be surprised. That is, if you know anything about Colin Powell.

Did you know Colin Powell is pro-choice? He believes women have a right to choose to have their unborn babies slaughtered in the womb.

Did you know Colin Powell believes colleges and universities should admit and reject applicants based on the color of their skin? Race should play a role in admissions, he thinks, an idea totally contrary to the very spirit of the civil rights movement.

(Incidentally, black Republican Condoleezza Rice is also pro-choice and pro-race preferences.)

I would not be surprised if I learned Colin Powell opposes California’s Proposition 8, a measure that would amend the constitution to define marriage as between only one man and one woman.

Colin Powell, endorser of BHO, is a Republican, but he’s not socially conservative. That should clear up any confusion or answer most questions you have about why he did such a thing.

Update: Speaking of race preferences, check out the American Civil Rights Institute’s (ACRI) new blog. If you’re interested in reading about ACRI’s efforts to end race- and sex-based preferences in government hiring, contracting, and admissions, bookmark it or subscribe via RSS or e-mail.

Thanks to Ward Connerly’s efforts, voters in Colorado and Nebraska will decide on November 4 whether their state and local governments may continue discriminating against and granting preferences to people based on race and sex.

Sarah Palin Hates Blacks and Jews

Alcee HastingsSo implied Congressman Alcee Hastings, an impeached former federal judge, to an audience of Jewish liberals yesterday.

According to CNN (also see this link), his exact words were (bad grammar included) “anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks…If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention.”

I’m no Sarah Palin apologist, but what Hastings’s said was race-baitingly foul, obviously. I wonder if anyone called him on it or at the very least, asked what the heck he meant. If I’d been there…It’s a strange thing to say. People who exercise their right to carry a gun and who hunt animals are racist?

Imagine a white Republican saying something similar about a black liberal candidate. Mainstream media would cover it morning, noon, and night. There’d be widespread calls for an apology and/or resignation. But they’ll treat what Hastings said as a curious news item, forgotten by day’s end.

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DNC Stuff Open Thread

I give up! Just for today.

Between packing for the big move, taking care of clients who pay the bills, and doing miscellaneous other things to retain a sense of normalcy in the middle of a life-altering event, I can’t settle on a post idea. So I give up, sort of.

I’ve posted future First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC so you can discuss it if so inclined. I mean, everybody who’s anybody is blogging and talking about the convention, right?

This Washington Post guy said M. Obama sounded too traditional, which was “sad” to him. A woman speaking glowingly of being a wife and mother makes the liberal sad.

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William Jefferson Freezes Up in Confrontation

Calling people on their *bleep.* I LOVE it.

You remember William Jefferson, black liberal congressman (is there any other kind?) caught on tape accepting a bribe in 2005 (and subsequently re-elected, for crying out loud), and the FBI raided his house and found $90,000 in $100 bills wrapped in aluminum foil in frozen food containers in his freezer?

Ring a bell? Well, Jason Mattera of Young America’s Foundation solicited Jefferson’s advice last week. After making a few innocuous comments, he pounced, asking the re-elected-even-after-his-indictment politician:

“I was wondering if you could give me some advice? In your opinion what is the best way to stuff $90,000 in a freezer: a Hefty or a Ziploc bag?”

Ha! Too cool. Jefferson, obviously caught off guard, replies incoherently and mumbles something like, “You think you’re a clever guy…”

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The Weather Doesn’t Like Black People

global warming***Scroll down for updates***

Have you heard about this? In a 59-page report titled, A Climate of Change: African Americans, Global Warming, and a Just Climate Policy in the U.S. (PDF), the left-leaning Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies tries to make the case that global warming disproportionately impacts black people.

What they ought to say is that climate changes disproportionately impact poor people of all colors, but focusing on blacks, who are more likely to be poor than whites, will generate more attention, not to mention indignation.

I grabbed the bait, and now I’m stuck on the hook. Help!

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Why Black People Don’t Care that GOP Is Civil Rights Party

Update (7/17): Commenter DavidTheMan writes (emphasis added):

“I stumbled on your site from InstaPundit. I must say you hit the nail on the head. I’m a black conservative male and I’m sure you know the looks you get when you talk to other blacks about Democrats…It is pointless for Republicans to try to pander to blacks to get their votes, there is no need for it because they will simply ignore your efforts. Republicans are better off standing strong on their ideals and the conservative principles and letting people come to the party than trying to go to different ethnic groups and cater a specific message to all of them.”

I concur. And about the so-called Southern Strategy, please read Martin Knight’s comment.

GOPI’m only one black American among millions, and I’m no authority on black people, nor do I speak for black people.

But I can provide insight.

Back in 2004, Republicans were trying to appeal to black voters. Newt Gingrich and the rest wanted to secure at least 25 percent of the “black vote.” Dream on! I poured a bucket of water over their piddling flame. Won’t work, I said. I explained my reasoning in “Why Courting the Black Vote Won’t Work,” which was published in the Washington Times.

Unlike some black conservatives and Republicans I know, I don’t think the party should appeal to voters based on skin color. I criticize white Republicans when they do it, and I’m disappointed when right-leaning blacks encourage them to do it.

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Jesse Jackson’s Mixed Nuts

Leave it up to mainstream media to make an instant tree out of an acorn! (Not quite a play on the old idiom, but you get the point!) Slow news cycle? Hey, I can’t talk. I’m blogging about it!

Unless you were comatose yesterday, you probably heard Jesse Jackson say he wanted to cut out Barack Obama’s “nuts” because Jackson believes Obama was “talking down to black people” when he dared mention the need for morality in the black community. Funny, coming from an infanticide enthusiast like BHO, but…anyway, watch the clip:

Look, we all say things we don’t necessarily mean when we’re upset. Don’t judge Jackson too harshly over that. Judge him over his pro-abortion stance. Judge him over his race-baiting and camera-hogging. Judge this phony “man of God” over his media gluttony and attempts to make headlines at all costs. Judge him over his disingenuous concern about “the poor” and misplaced concern about thugs in prison.

Jackson and Obama are cut from the same cloth. They’re attention-loving, devoid-of-substance liberals who’re taken far too seriously. 😕

Update: Commenter Dianne writes: “I haven’t thought of either Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton as ‘Reverends’ for years. To me they’re both B list actors, bad ones at that.”


LaterThere’s more? You’ve got your headlines now, “Reverend.”