National Education Association Rejects Neutrality on Abortion

infanticideLifeNews reports that the National Education Association (NEA), which represents government school teachers, rejected a proposal that would have had the group take a neutral stance on child killing.

Surprise, right? The proposal was put forward by pro-life teachers.

The late “late-term” abortionist George Tiller, who slaughtered infants for his supper, was honored at a Feminist Majority Foundation conference held at NEA headquarters a couple years ago. Students for Life of America secretly videotaped him talking about babies slipping out of the womb alive during abortions, which he called “sloppy medicine.”

Tiller made the case for infanticide by showing graphic photos of unborn babies with abnormalities at the conference. He admits on tape to having aborted babies a day before the mother’s due date. One murdered baby in Tiller’s photo collage was a child with three arms. The right to choose death over corrective surgery, eh?

Did the NEA merely allow the foundation to use its facilities and doesn’t endorse infanticide? Optimistic assumption, to say the least. The NEA knew Tiller’s record. It’s safe to say the NEA not only believes women have right to have their babies sucked down a sink (reproductive freedom), they also believe women have a right to have their infants murdered a day before their due dates.

Applause, applause.